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These rules are for all guests of VIGIO BRASTA campsite. They are designed to ensure safety, tranquility and order within the campsite.

1. Upon arrival, holidaymakers must register with the campsite administration and become familiar with the campsite regulations.
2. The campsite accepts and serves guests from 8 p.m. morning to 10pm evening seven days a week. Those wishing to enter or leave during unemployment should notify in advance so that exceptions can be made.
3. Arrival at the camping site - from 5 pm
4. Departure from the campsite - until 4 pm
5. Travelers with tents and caravans shall pay the accommodation fee in advance.
6. If you have decided to extend your stay at the campsite, please do so before 12 noon. notify receptionists, extend your registration slip and pay.
7. It is prohibited to use audio equipment, make noise or otherwise interfere with other holidaymakers during the 24 hours. (all day). Quiet hours - from 10pm. to 8 p.m. morning. During this period, only noise-free activity shall be permitted. Noise, motorized vehicles are prohibited. Interference with public peace is punishable under the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.
8. Persons under the age of 16 are admitted only with adults.
9. Responsibility for the behavior and safety of children lies with parents, or other caregivers.
10. From 1 p.m. until 3 p.m. camping common use toilets and showers are handled.
11. Alcohol consumption by minors is strictly prohibited.
12. Vehicles shall be parked on the campsite site, at a location designated by the campsite employee.
13. The campsite provides space for a caravan, car, motorcycle, bicycle and tent.
14. Campers wishing to leave the campsite temporarily and save space for their vehicle may request a reservation at the front desk.
15. The speed of the campsite shall not exceed 10 km / h.
16. Persons visiting the campsite shall observe the rules of the campsite “VIGIO BRASTA”.
17. Pets shall not endanger the peace, health and life of campers.
18. Pets and camping animals must have pets and leashes. Do not leave your pets alone without supervision.
19. Pet owners must collect animal excrement and dispose of it in a container. Bags of animal excrement can be purchased at the reception.
20. It is forbidden to litter, wash cars, destroy nature and existing inventory in camping areas.
21. In the event of loss or damage of inventory, the appropriate amount agreed with the administration shall be paid.
22. Outdoor furniture is for general use.
23. It is prohibited to carry camping equipment outside the camping area.
24. It is forbidden to create fires or use open fires outside the designated areas.
25. The barbecue area may be used only with the agreement of the administration.
26. Fire protection requirements must be observed on the campsite territory.
27. Fire extinguishers should only be used in specially marked outdoor ashtrays in the campsite territory.
28. The campsite administration is not responsible for the safety of items left in cars, campers or tents.
29. If suspicious persons are noticed, please report them to the campsite staff.
30. On leaving, holidaymakers must leave their assigned area neat: garbage dumps, barbecue litter in dedicated containers. A fine of EUR 20 is payable for leaving untidy areas.
31. Persons who violate these rules will be asked to leave the campsite immediately.

Dear, Vacationers, Please respect each other's rest and peace, be tolerant and understanding.

Thank you and wish you a pleasant rest!




Article 183 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Republic of Lithuania.

"Disturbance of Public Peace" (updated April 17, 2009)
Shouts, whistles, loud singing or playing of musical instruments and other loudspeakers or similar acts in streets, squares, parks, beaches, public transport and other public places, and in the evening and at night, in living quarters, businesses, establishments or organizations, it disturbs public peace,
- imposes a warning or a fine on citizens or officials of up to EUR 80.
The same shall apply to any person who is the subject of an administrative penalty for an offense referred to in paragraph 1,
- imposes a fine on citizens or officials of between three hundred and one thousand litas.
The first paragraph provides for offenses committed between the ages of fourteen and sixteen,
- imposes a warning or a fine on parents or guardians up to EUR 80.